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Austria: the most popular trends in investments.
According to the official Austrian statistics on the real estate for the Q4 of 2016 we can conclude that the most investment in the Austrian real estate fell exactly on the hotel sector. So, 823 million euros were invested in Austrian real estate for the last quarter of 2016, which is almost a third of the investments was accounted for hotels (28%).
Behind the hotel industry in the top of the most attractive for investors objects turned out to be the office sector - it accounted for about 23% of the attracted investments for the quarter, with 21% accounted for retail space. Third place belongs to miscellaneous facilities - 21% of all funds.
Office and rental facilities are on the second place among most attractive objects for investments - 23% of the total investments fell for this sector in Q4, consider that 21% accounted for rental spaces.  In the end of the Top-3 are multipurpose objects.
The least popular among investors turned to be the industrial and residential sectors of real estate in Austria - in total, they account for only 3%.
Except this, statistic pictures us a typical investor. Most of the deals have been made with the foreigners - 54% to be exact.  The remarkable fact is that Germans are still on leading positions by investments in Austrian real estates- 29%, they yield only to Austrian themselves.

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