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Repair services in the apartments


Cascadas complex offers its customers a number of maintenance and repair services and all types of finishing works with guaranteed quality. Regardless of whether it is the hanging of a painting or the connection of a washing machine, our highly qualified handymen will help you, thus saving your time, and you will be able to enjoy your holiday fully.


No. Services prices /BGN/
1 Installation of a mirror cabinet in the bathroom 30
2 Installation of an illuminated mirror 30
3 Change of a mixer taps 30
4 Installation of accessories in the bathroom 20
5 Connection of a washing machine 30
6 Rubber seal 5
7 Change of the drain and connection of the wash basin to the pipe 15
8 Installation of a fan in the bathroom and toilet 10
9 Bathroom fan 25
10 Change of the toilet seat 25
11 Repair of toilet bowls and replacement of spare parts
(exclusive of the parts)
12 Repair of leakages and toilet bowl leakage 10
13 Repair of the drain pipe 5
14 Wash basin unclogging 10
15 Drainage of water from the boiler 20
16 Filling of water into the boiler 20
17 Sealing of cracks with silicon 10
No. Services  prices /BGN/
18 Connection of the kitchen exhaust hood to the electrical installation 20
19 Connection of the hobs to the electrical installation 20
20 Connection of the oven to the electrical installation 20
21 Installation of a sink mixer 30
22 Seamless integration of a sink into the kitchen worktop 30
23 Hanging of paintings on the walls (per pc.) 5
24 Change of sockets (per pc.) 10
25 Installation of a TV wall mount 20
26 Installation of curtain rails (per pc.) 20
27 Installation of light fittings (per pc.) 10
28 Installation of more complex light fittings (per pc.) 20
29 Change of light bulbs (conventional) (per pc.) 5
No. Services prices /BGN/
30 Installation of a doorstop (per pc.) 5
31 Doorstop (per pc.) 5
32 Change of a door lock 5
33 Repair of a door lock 10
34 Repair and change of door handles 5
35 Installation and change of cabinet locks (per pc.)                            15
36 Installation of a shoe cabinet on the wall 10
37 Repair of the doors of a built-in wardrobe 10
38 Installation of a mirror 20



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