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Rising prices for standard-design apartments in Riga reached 10% per year.
The highest increase was recorded in Teika, where the average price per square meter reaches 864 euros, while the lowest rate at Bolderaja is 486 euros per square meter.

Prices for apartments in Riga increased by 7.6% in 2016, so they reached 706 euros per square meter. All the areas of the capital were "attacked", but the most remarkable jump is observed Imanta (10%), while the lowest growth in Bolderaja (4,1%), according to The Baltic Course.

"The moderate growth continues since 2010. Last year it was a bit steeper as we predicted a 5% growth," said Laukalejs.

Experts say that for the last year 5,288 transactions with standard-design apartments were registered in Riga, growing by 5.7% from 2015

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