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Austria has become more expensive with 39% from 2010-2016
For the past six years (2010-2016) prices for real estate in Austria rose in average by 39% and this is the most outstanding example how to multiply the invested funds almost double. According to the Austrian index property ImmoDEX the average price for real estate grew by almost 40% for the past 6 years, and the secondary market shows an average rise of a 35% during the same period.
Vienna, the capital of Austria shows the slowest pace of rising the prices, comparing to 2010 the prices raise up by 22 percent and the square meter in Vienna is the highest for Austria. A new housing about 120 square meters will cost you €470 000. In Styria you will pay €300,000, as for Burgenland the average price is €260,000 and in Lower Austria about €340.000 says Domaza referring The Local.
According to the renewed statistical data, the most profitable resales you will find in Styria, Burgenland and Karanta for object "secondary housing"; a property of 120 square meters will cost you 230 000 - 290 000 euro. And still, the most expensive resales in Austria are in Vienna.
Managing Director of ImmobilienScout24 in Austria analysing the tendency of such a grow in real estate’s pricing in Austria says that those people who purchased property in 2010 are really lucky from today’s point of view because they cost of their housing now is almost double. Specialist explains this demand by the inflow of population, the country is extremely attractive for immigrants.

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