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Chinese property market slows down
According to the National Bureau of Statistics the housing prices rose in 64.3 per cent of China's major cities in January, which considers to be the lowest rise in the last 12 months.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, housing prices dropped down on January 2017 in 15 cities, including Shanghai (-0.1%) and Shenzhen (-0.5%), after their local municipalities adopted measures in October to check real estate prices, says  News.com.au.

Nevertheless, in some metropolitan areas prices are at the same level, for example, in Beijing; in Guangzhou prices for new buildings in January 2017 increased by 0.5%. The annual rise in prices for new buildings was 24.7% in January 2017 in Beijing, 24% in Guangzhou, 23.8% in Shanghai and 18.2% in Shenzhen.

Experts point out that China's real estate market is not homogeneous. In the largest cities of the country There is a strong demand for housing in big Chinese cities and on the contrary oversupply in small towns.

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