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How would Google’s new privacy policies affect you?

How would Google’s new privacy policies affect you?

How would Google’s new privacy policies affect youOn March,1st the Internet giant Google will launch its new fit-for all privacy policy, despite warnings from the EU that it may violate European law.

The change will allow the search giant to share private data on its customers between its different online services. In short, the information collected from your internet searches will now be used to choose and target the adverts that would appear on your Gmail service or G+ account.

The French regulator launched a Europe-wide investigation after some deep concerns about the pooling of personal data were voiced as well as strong doubts that it is legitimate.

Until now Google had over 70 different privacy documents and according to the company’s defenders combining them would make the privacy policy shorter and easier to comprehend. However, opponents say that new guidelines are too vague and difficult for even the professionals to grasp.

Of course, there are ways to defend one’s privacy. You can simply search for information without signing-in into your account. You can also turn off the setting that allows Google to record your search history.

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