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Triple towers will grow in western London
The very ambitious scheme includes an ultra-modern vertical village with 550 brand new suites. The idea belongs to Will Alsop whose aim was to populate humble Brentford into London's regeneration zones.
According to the plan, the buildings will be located close to the highway and Heathrow Airport. This will provide good transport communication companies and residents of the towers. At the top of the building will be a stadium for the football club, says Homes & Property.
The three main buildings will be of 18, 19 and 20 storeys, so the residents will have a view of the entire western part of London, the M4 highway, Gunnersbury Park and landing zone at Heathrow. Runners can enjoy jogging on roof-level running track, gardeners will be able to grow fruits and vegetables in a separated zone, and other residents will find something to their taste.
The tower has an unusual design. One of them will have a rectangular shape, another one oval, and the latter will taper outwards from a narrow base.
Taking into account the proximity of buildings to the M4, air pollution on the site will be a problem. Nevertheless, the owner of the engineering services site claims that after three months of monitoring they concluded that air quality corresponds the standards set by the World Health Organisation, the European Union and the British Government.

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