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Toyota is pulling out 680,000 vehicles from the US market

Toyota is pulling out 680,000 vehicles from the US market.

Toyota is pulling out 680,000 vehicles from the US marketThe Auto-motor giant is recalling about 680,000 vehicles in two separate extractions. The first one involves airbags in pickups and the second is for faulty brake lights in sedans and crossovers.

The larger of the two recalls involves almost half a million Toyota Tacoma trucks produced in the years between 2005 and 2009. Part of the trucks' steering wheel mechanism may rub against the cable assembly. That may result in a damage to the electrical connection for the driver's airbag module, causing the airbag to be deactivated.

The second extraction involves about 70,500 Toyota Camry sedans from 2009 and 116,000 Toyota Venza crossover SUVs (2009-2011). The problem here comes from incorrectly installed brake lamps. Silicon grease may have gotten inside the switch,which would hamper the electrical flow inside it.The vehicles' "shift interlock" safety systems rely on that electrical signal. The purpose of the system, which nearly all modern vehicles have, is to prevent accidental acceleration when a vehicle is first being started up.

According to information provided by Toyota, no accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of either of the two problems.

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