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The Era of 5G wireless technologies is near

The Era of 5G wireless technologies is near.

The Era of 5G wireless technologies is nearConsumers are still getting used to the 4G cellular wireless, but the industry is already making plans for the next generationwireless systems - 5G.

The boom in smartphone and tablet sales means networks are growing clogged with cellular data traffic. Experts believe that for now, the 4G technology can help relieve the obstruction. Modern networks are able to cram more data into their airwaves than older technologies could. However, many fear that soon even the 4G won’t be efficient enough.

This would prove to be a problem for wireless carriers that are hitting a point of diminishing returns on their network efficiency improvements. They're butting up against the limits of physics as they try to add capacity.

The LTE-Advanced is the next big post-4G upgrade that should theoretically be capable of speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. However, in practice it will only deliver speed of up to 15 megabits per second - just slightly faster than the 12 megabits per second that the 4G networks currently offer.

Developers say that 5G won't be necessarilyabout more speed- it may be faster, but it will be more about meeting the expectation of service quality.

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