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Should you buy a property during the winter season?

Should you buy a property during the winter season?

Should you buy a property during the winter seasonAlthough, daylight is scares and the property you will be viewing is likely to be covered in snow, there are some advantages in purchasing real estate during the cold season.

It is no secret that spring and autumn are traditionally the preferred seasons for viewing and buying property, however, experts claim that during winter, one can notice more problems with the property that become instantly evident, compared to its conditions during milder seasons.

The first easy to spot problem is moss. You will find it on the edge of walls, suggesting bad drainage and damp patches on the outside of a house or poor external insulation. Look out for condensation and/or black mold on the inside of windows too. Signs of a ‘cold house’ could be draft excluders under every door, extra blankets piled over the beds, and hot water bottles.

For every buyer location and access to the property are very important conditions for a purchase, all the more so during winter months. Remote or villages surrounded by impassable conditions are not a good choice, especially when heavy snow falls. One can find a list of roads that do and do not get gritted by the local government, and this might prove useful information if you’re looking at properties in very rural locations.

Last, but not least, animal owners should think carefully about what the property will be like in the winter. Lighting, availability of water, and warmth of a garden or a yard are all crucial.

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