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Properties in the UK: Government plans to facilitate the procedure for builders of new homes
The British Government plans to make regulatory changes to facilitate the process of planning, designing and construction of new developments, reported the Online Edition property-wire.com.

The Government foresees acceleration of the process of issuing permits for construction of new homes, after the approval of projects by the local municipalities.

"We need to build new homes, and this bill is the first of a series of measures that will encourage this process. We've already built more than 900 thousand new properties starting from the year 2010, and this bill would speed up the process", commented on the situation from the Government.

Theresa M. G. Baruel adds that these changes in legislation will strengthen the role of local communities in the process of approving construction projects. Procedures will be simplified, since each individual project receives the approval of residents.

The new bill will consist of measures that would allow the authorities to prevent projects that do not meet the relevant local planning policy.

According to experts, at present the most of the local urban plans stop the new construction projects instead of having to review and approve them as needed. Some municipal administrations look from a wider perspective, but as a whole the authorities of individual neighborhoods and districts do not have the power to make such decisions.

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