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Oscar fever in real estate: top 5 real sold properties from our favorite movies.
Oscar is the most prestigious movie award ceremony presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), honored the best films of 2017 on February 26th.
But it's not only the artists who became famous but the pieces of real estate either! Analyzing the fate of objects before and after the appearance on large screens, it is possible to come to the conclusion, that a successful film quite often is able " to excite" the price-list of the real estate in several times. And even though the “star-houses" often turns out to be a fiction of a stage-directors, sometimes the real masterpieces of architecture appear on the screen." Domaza" has carefully chosen the most interesting and real houses and apartments that appear in well-known Oscar-winner movies.

The "Twin peaks" Laura Palmer's house.

Residence location: USA, Everett, WA
 Sold for $500,000 in September 2014, the asking price is $549,950 

The luxury mansion that captured the hearts of fans of the movie, belonged to Laura Palmer- a heart-breaker and a movie star. Her mysterious death put in the centre of the plot brought to this episode movie worlds fame, however, the house of the school queen became popular as well. Charming two-stored 1930s home were last put for sale in 2014 by Estately. It is remarkable, that interiors from “Twin Peaks” times did not change a lot.
This home features four bedrooms’ upstairs, surrounded open staircase & two bedrooms have access to the sun room. A hallway leads into circular main floor layout that is warmed with natural light. Basement has space for a recreational room & den. The large lot spans two streets. Detached two-car garage.

2. The "Groundhog Day": Phil Connors’ hotel.

Hotel location: USA, Illinois, Woodstock, 407 Fremont St
Price: $ 649,000

Phil Connors, a weatherman from Pennsylvania goes to Punxsutawney to make the forecast for the year does his report and gets into the "loop to time" and he had to pass through the same day over and over again.
The real location of the Collins’ “hotel” is Woodstock, Illinois. The gorgeous house in Victorian style occupies the area of 500 square meters and it was built in 1985th. This house features 8 bathrooms and bedrooms and was set to be a big family house, but now is it a bed and breakfast.
According to recent estimates since October 2015the current price is $ 649,000, but the original price was $ 985 000 – the object was last but, not the least sold 2008 when it was assessed at $ 435,000.
Nowadays it remains an extremely popular among the movie fans, in fact, all basic stages were taken off exactly here. Every year on February, 2 a hotel arranges the special program for guests, but to get there is not easy at all - places have reserved the admirers of the film beforehand.

3.  The "Twilight": The Cullen's house

House location: USA, Forks, WA
Price: $ 3 300 000

Luxury home of the Cullen’s, a vampire clan from Twilight Saga, filmed on the eponymous book by Stephenie Meyer "The Twilight", does exist, although its location is different from the director's version. The owners tried to earn some extra money using the fuss about the books and the movie.  The news of the sale of the object last appeared in 2013 - $ 3.3 million was requested for the house.
The house is owned by John Hoke, a director of footwear design in Nike and for sure, he had great pride for having his house chosen for the movie. It was built in 2006 and was completed in 2007, just in time for the first Twilight movie. The luxurious residence is located in a wooded area close to the Forks, in Washington. The exact coordinates of the object are unknown to the mass.
The house has a large dining room, five full-sized bedrooms. Total house area - 4300 square meters. Near the house is a swimming pool.

4. "Sex and the City ': Carrie Bradshaw's House

House location: USA, New York (Manhattan), 64 Perry Street
Price: $ 9.65 million

Fans of one of the main characters of the series "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw, visiting Manhattan for the first time, with incredible enthusiasm looking for that very house she lived to get closer to the legend. The place has become a Mecca for the fans which of course raised up the price for the property. Rumour has it – somebody bought the house for the fabulous amount of money in 2006, and then in 2012 it was on sale for $ 9.65 million. 
Four-story townhouse located on Perry Street, it’s well known that it was only used for exterior shots. In the 2008 film, actress Sarah Jessica Parker is seen from outside sitting at her desk from the upstairs window. All rooms were created on a sound stage.
The owners of 66 Perry are not thrilled about the constant visitors staring at their home, posing on their steps, so they placed a chain across the stairs with a “No Trespass” sign. The residence has a chain across the lower part of the steps to stop people standing on them.
So, it’s almost impossible to get in, although lucky tell that the owners sometimes agree to let tourists in "the sanctuary."
No pictures of the house interior published up to now. It is only known that the house consists of 10 rooms, and its area is 380 square meters. The house has six fireplaces; the building has been a part of Manhattan view since 1866.

5. The "Iron Man": house of Tony Stark

House location: USA, California, San Diego, La Jolla Farms Way
Price: $ 40 000 000, construction costs exceeded $ 34 million

Toni Stark a main character of the Iron Man is a lucky owner of incredible superhero house, which looks very futuristic. However, the real object is not located in Malibu - it is a digital projection of graphic designers. However, the real estate market experts have found a prototype of the Stark’s house - The Razor is in San Diego. As well as in the movie, a mansion built almost on the precipice of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
This very object in San Diego inspired artists to create Tony’s house. At Point Dume in Malibu, the construction is prohibited, as this place is historically significant.
Both: inside and outside the house is incredibly beautiful and has a breath-taking view.
Today the residence is not for sale, but it has been noticed on the market at the modest price of $ 112 million. The Razor House is made up of four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a wonderful two level guest house and it has private access to the Blacks beach. This splendid house known as the Razor Residence was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham.

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