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Mobile Home: delivered ready to move in
Three problems - one decision - designer Ruzanna Andressa Oganesyan created a dwelling ready to move in right after delivery. Her Mobile Home ("Mobile Home") is perfect for those who do not have enough money to buy a classic house or do not want to deal with mortgages; those who prefer to pick up compact and inexpensive options for additional cottages, and those who prefer minimalism in everything. Of course, the idea of a quick and eco-friendly home detachment is not new, but Mobile Home has several advantages over similar projects.
One of the main advantages is the delivery - it is enough to have a small parcel where you can place your future home. You avoid the cost of building materials, save time, money and nerves. You also rid yourself of numerous problems associated with the disposal of construction debris. After all corrections and approvals of the buyer, the “Mobile home" will be delivered ready to move in.

Another advantage of this home is the customer's design: similar projects are usually offered in some certain standard and do not give you a place for your imagination and designers abilities. This "mobile home" looks beautiful both from the outside and inside. The buyer can choose the house area and receive a two-storey house with a carefully projected architecture.

The ground floor usually consists of a kitchen and a living room, while bedroom(s) are on the second floor. It comes with a mezzanine floor with a skylight right above your bed so you can fall asleep to the stars, and rise to the beams of the early morning sun.  The construction is made of environmentally friendly materials and the house is safe for living.
As for the price of the "Mobile Home" is not yet announced, the designer has just completed the development of his concept. However, the sources state that such a house is way more affordable than classical ones.

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